Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center Promote Advancement of the Fashion & Creativity Industry

Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) has always committed to promote advancement of fashion and creative industry manufacturers, labels, and related enterprises, helping them to improve their competitiveness.  Because of this, CPTTM continuously held seminars or experience sharing sessions on fashion technology, helping the industry to move towards fashion technology development. 

On 6th March 2019, CPTTM hosted a seminar on “Smart Production Management : Pivot88 Smart Approach to Quality Management Cloud based Platform”, attracting a lot of Macau manufacturers and fashion industry people to the seminar.  Pivot88 is a cloud-based intelligent production management platform that can help customers to improve product quality and speed up production workflow by performing real-time monitoring and analysis on changes in their supply chain.  The platform is being used by over 5,000 manufacturers in 38 countries covering over 100 leading fashion labels.  Through the seminar, CPTTM hoped to convince Macau fashion industry people to deploy software platform to solve problems such as improving product value, enhancing production management, and reducing labor resources.  The platform can also help to strengthen integration with overseas manufacturers, suppliers, and customers.

On 18th May, CPTTM is going to host “Seminar on Fashion Snoops -Fashion Trends S/S 2020”. Fashion Snoops is an online trend forecast and consultation organization, with scope covering fashion, beauty, and marketing industries.  Its specialty is identifying the link between culture and products, providing research and analysis, and offering forward-looking fashion trend forecast.  Customers can then take actions on these predicted trends, capturing business opportunities ahead of the market.  CPTTM organizes this seminar to bring in-depth awareness and understanding on spring/summer 2020 fashion trends to industry people, offering assistance and inspiration on their design works.

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