Chemical management and social compliance in Yeşim are scrutinized

Yeşim Academy hosted the training of “Chemical Management and Social Compliance” organized in cooperation with Yeşim Textile, Nike and PVH (Tommy Hilfiger – Calvin Klein). In the program held on November 1-2, the steps that should be taken in the textile sector for the use of more environmentally friendly chemicals, the initiatives created in this field and the social compliance procedures were discussed.

As well as the representatives of suppliers, contract manufacturers of Yeşim Textile, the contract manufacturers of the PVH firm incorporating brands such as Tommy Hilfiger – Calvin Klein attended to the training of “Chemical Management and Social Compliance” held on November 1-2 with the slogan of “Cleaner production for more livable world”. On the first day of the training, the steps that should be taken in order to use more environmentally friendly chemicals in the textile sector and the initiatives in this field were discussed. On the second day of the training, social compliance procedures for topics such as the supply chain that is prominent in the sector, women’s empowerment, refugee and migrant problem were evaluated.

Fatoş Hüseyinca, as Yeşim Textile Human Resources and Social Compliance Director, who spoke at the opening of the event, expressed her happiness for the organization of such an event as Yeşim Textile celebrated its 35th anniversary. Hüseyinca stated that the concept of sustainability was a must for all Yeşim Textile locations and also said “we, as Yeşim Textile have had SA 8000 certificate since 2006 and we renew our certificate every year. We are also a member of Global Compact and issue our sustainability report every year. Therefore, one of the most important concepts in our lives is sustainability and some of the most important issues in this concept are chemical management and social compliance process.”

Nike Social Compliance Director, Caner Soytaş, thanked everyone who participated in the training and expressed that the ones participated in the relevant program had the opportunity to get new information. The Social Compliance Director of PVH, Karin Reimerink, also made a presentation for the program.

Social Compliance Director of PVH Karin Reimerink