Yeşim’s sustainability journey

Yeşim Textile renewed its report published in the internet for the period from September 2008 in scope of the Global Compact. Yeşim has once again demonstrated its compliance with the principles of the international agreement in terms of human rights, employee standards, environment and struggle against corruption.

Yeşim Textile shared with public its 9th report about social compliance and social responsibility works in the scope of Global Compact by publishing at the web site of United Nations in the recent days. At the same time, the report is started to publish at Yeşim’s web site.

Yeşim Textile CEO Şenol Şankaya stated that they gave great importance to social compliance and sustainability studies and that they have been reporting their studies on this issue for a long time. “Our company, the first apparel company in Turkey to sign the United Nations Global Compact Principles in 2006, has continued to work on this matter without break since then.” Şankaya also said the following on the matter:

“Starting the journey in 1983, Yeşim Textile has visited precious harbors and loaded precious loads into its deck so far. Until today, we have traveled safely with our vast knowledge and experience in distant seas. Our main guide and indispensable compass in this long and difficult journey has been sustainability. Under the principle of sustainability, we have striven to compose every step in accordance with our “people first” philosophy. In the name of a sustainable future, we have worked hard with our suppliers to build a transparent, fair and accountable ecosystem and to include everybody in this ecosystem.”