Inexmoda to host BCapital in Bogotá, Colombia

During October 17th, 18th and 19th, Inexmoda will host BCapital in Bogotá, Colombia, a Trade Show that, for three days, links the consumer to the best of local design, seeking to express fashion in non-conventional formats, to link the end consumer with de Fashion System´s creative industries and to create experiences through innovative languages and formats.

BCapital has three fundamental axes: BSmart, academic axis of the event that seeks to democratize knowledge; BCool, the place where brands and designers will lead attendees through memorable experiences, with presence of national and international buyers and exclusive collections; and BFashion, the place where you live fashion as a creative and cultural manifestation with production of more than 40 designers on stage.

BCapital is a meeting place for the public who becomes validator of trend, experiences and leaders in opinions.

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