A.I.S.E., APPLiA & GINETEX tips: take the hidden laundry master out of you

Three industry associations, representing home appliances, detergents and the textile care sector, are determined to help consumers save water, reduce CO2 emissions and their monthly bills.

By publishing a set of common tips on how to make the best use of a washing machine and laundry detergents while keeping their favourite clothes as new, the organisations guide users for sustainable laundering, from the moment they buy an appliance to the disposal of their empty detergent packaging. Following up on latest consumer research studies, 2 out of 10 Europeans still do not fully load their washing machine and, only a bit more than half of the consumers (57%) claim they add the correct amount of detergent (A.I.S.E., 2017) and 30% of Europeans still do not follow the textile care instructions, but 80% admit they would not buy clothes without any labels (GINETEX 2017). “By working on this together, we believe that we will be stronger in helping consumers making small changes to their daily habits. Did you know that in Europe, more than 1000 washes are started every second? Consumers can wash confidently most of their clothes at low temperatures whilst saving energy, CO2 and money. Such small habits changes can make a big difference, reduce the laundry environmental footprint and help fight climate change” said Susanne Zänker, A.I.S.E. Director-General.

Paolo Falcioni, Director-General of APPLiA noted: “A number of studies have noticed that consumers often feel confused whether they are doing their laundry in the way they should. For this reason, together with A.I.S.E. and GINETEX, we have decided to give consumers a hand and help them follow a few simple steps that lead to sustainability and bring us closer to a Circular Society.”
Adam Mansell, President of GINETEX, said: “By changing our day-to-day habits just a little and by following these easy to use tips, all of us will be able to have a direct, positive, impact on the environment, help our textiles last longer and save money. This common initiative between A.I.S.E., APPLiA and GINETEX, on European level, shows the importance of joining our efforts around sustainable textile laundry for the benefits of our common consumers, our brand members and the planet.”

The short and clear list of tips underlines the need to pay attention to the energy class when choosing an appliance, advises to wash clothes at a low temperature, load machines appropriately, pay attention to textile care labels, use the right dosage of detergent and a lot more.