Call to complete WTiN’s Digital Transformation Survey 2018

Call to IAF members and relations to complete WTiN’s Digital Transformation Survey 2018
IAF, along with a number of other associations including WFSGI, is collaborating with WTiN to carry out an industry survey on digitalization of the fashion industry, ‘WTiN’s Digital Transformation Survey 2018′.

This survey will explore the current state of digitalization in the textile and apparel business as well as the prospects for risks and growth in the near future. It is arguably one of the most crucial topics in our industry and IAF is glad that with this survey, we now have an instrument to measure and understand yearly progress. If you are an association, we would therefore be very much obliged if you passed on the survey to your members. A good response among your members will ensure that we will really get the full voice of the industry speaking on this crucial topic.

The survey will take 15 minutes to complete. Please submit your responses between now and June 8th.

Start the survey here:

You will also receive immediate access to the latest issue of WTiN’s IoTex journal, which provides an insight into the digitalisation of the textile value chain.

Thank you for helping us with this research!