A Global Step from Yeşim Textile

Yeşim Textile has taken a global step forward in the future by earning the right to have the Authorized Economic Operator status, which is internationally valid. This document provides convenience in Turkey to expedite import and export transactions and Yeşim Textile was the 228th company to obtain this document, thus proving its credibility by documenting that it fulfills the requirements of the legislation.

This document, given to companies that have no adverse situation with respect to customs legislation and whose commercial records are reliable and traceable, offers a great advantage in speeding customs clearance.

Companies wishing to have this certificate must ensure that the computer system and all its records are stored and secured in a manner preventing unauthorized access, the systematic maintenance of all aspects of the properties and transport of all products must be implemented, and the financial capability to meet all these commitments must be provided.

The Authorized Economic Operator allows companies to easily control their own products and to make their transactions go faster. This document, which also provides the opportunity to make all customs transactions faster than other firms, reduce transaction costs and gain extra time, also makes a positive contribution to the competitiveness of companies. Companies that can easily benefit from the privileges granted in countries where this certificate is valid are also beneficial in increasing cooperation with suppliers and reducing the uncertainties that may arise regarding shipments.