Sizing’s Impact on the Industry

The apparel industry has a sizing issue that is impacting all areas of the business – from fit issues with purchases, to rising shipping costs, and concerns over environmental impact from parcel packaging. My Size, Inc., proud member of IAF, offers efficient solutions to the escalating costs associated with sizing issues by providing retailers with a technology that can accurately record a consumer’s body measurements with the quick movement of a smartphone.

Mobile Measurement for Consumers
One of the biggest challenges within online retail is the customer’s inability to try on their selected items to see if they fit before purchase. This often leads to the purchase of miss-sized items or the consumer purchasing items in multiple sizes with the intent of keeping what fits and returning what does not – at the cost of the retailer.

MySizeID is a smart measurement technology for mobile phones that allows the consumer to record accurate measurements of their body to ensure they are purchasing items that fit properly – no matter the manufacturer. Users download the app and are prompted to take specific measurements – such as their waist, bust, pant length, shoulders, and arms – by quickly moving their smartphone from one point to the next.

Once all measurements are recorded, the user creates a MySizeID, which is their personal sizing profile, and can be used to suggest the correct sizes at participating online retailers. You can learn more by watching this video.

A Better Option for Retailers
The lack of a universal sizing system across all of retail has long led to issues for consumers. Where some retailers sell pants by waist and length, others tag them as small, medium, or large – and many people find they are different sizes when shopping at different retailers.

Fortunately, MySizeID is available for integration into a retailer’s e-commerce shopping experience in two ways. For retailers that already have a mobile app, MySizeID can be integrated directly into that technology so that the consumer can open the app where they want to shop and then take their own measurements. The user’s sizing information is also stored in their MySizeID, which links directly to the retailer’s sizing chart and enables the app to suggest the correct size for each particular shopper.

For retailers that do not have a mobile app, MySizeID can be white-labeled and branded so it appears as an app specific to that retailer. The functionality is the same – users take their measurements and save them to their MySizeID profile, which then syncs to the retailer’s e-commerce app or site so the correctly sized items can be recommend to each shopper.

The user’s sizing information will populate each time they log in to the particular retail site where they are shopping and will only need to be updated if the user’s body shape were to change.

Returns have long plagued the online retail industry – costing retailers hundreds of millions each year – but MySizeID can solve the issue through its innovative smart measurement mobile technology. To learn more, visit today.