IAF Position Statements

The IAF Board of Directors has approved a series of IAF position statements on a number of global issues that are crucial for the positive development of the apparel industry. These issues include industrial development and education, stimulation of new business, responsible business conduct and global harmonization of norms and standards. IAF’s position on these issues has been guided by our new mission statement ‘…to unite all stakeholders of the fashion and apparel industry, including brands, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and country associations from around the world to enable and promote smarter, stronger, more sustainable supply chains’.

IAF’s unique global network providing access to the hundreds of thousands of medium sized and small apparel brands, retailers and manufacturers is indispensable in achieving the global collaboration often needed to make changes to the industry for the better. IAF is already active in discussions on a global scale and it will use these statements to better safeguard the interests of its members. You can read the position statements here. If you would like to react, please send an e-mail to crietee@iafnet.com

Click here for the Position Statements in pdf format