TGSD (Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association) welcomes Mr. Hadi Karasu as its President taking the office in December 2017. Mr. Karasu, succeeding Şeref Fayat who headed TGSD during the last three years, pointed out: “Şeref Fayat achieved exceptional results in strengthening the position and voice of Turkish clothing industry.”

Hadi Karasu, has a wide-range experience in clothing industry both as a Professional Executive and entrepreneur. Having started his path as Textile Engineer from Istanbul Technical University, had a Business Administration Certification Degree from New York University. In 1988 he started his professional career in Altınyıldız Textile and Ready to Wear Industry Co.  And in 10 years, as Ready to Wear Branch Director, Karasu enlarged the capabilities of the company in production, export and in retail. He led the team which created the strong fashion brands of Turkey, such as “Network” and  “Fabrika”.

TGSD-President-Hadi Karasu’s-Assignment

In 2003 he joined Karamancı Holding and entered the area of denim manufacturing with the vision of developing “the world’s best denim production system”. In 2013 founding his business as SuGlobal Co., with DenimVillage brand, Karasu today is the Chairman of a company designing and producing denim and sports clothes with his 400 emloyees and 2 million unit production.

Karasu states that, Turkey is an indispensable partner for EU. “For a more profitable and lucrative cooperation, both parts should be open to new possibilities in terms of investment and trade. Turkish producers’ ongoing dialogue and coherence with European buyers and brands will always bring efficient results for European companies. Turkey is an unrivalled country where one can find design, fashion, mass production, organization at a very strong level. In addition, our industrialists’ commitment in innovation, digitalization and sustainability brings the best partner country into shape. I hope under my Presidency to convince, to have greater business results with our European partners. They will see in our close contacts, that Turkey has reached political and financial stability and a mature ready to wear industry.” he continues.

TGSD is the 41 year old organization which represents the exporting ready to wear industrialists with international business capabilities in Turkey.