IAF golden pin

IAF Golden Pin awarded to Harry van Dalfsen and Mike Fralix

Past President of the IAF Harry van Dalfsen and Board Member of the IAF and chairman of the IAF Technical Committee Mike Fralix were awarded the IAF Golden Pin by IAF President Han Bekke on October 17th during the 33rd IAF World Fashion Convention in Rio de Janeiro.

The IAF Golden Pin is awarded to those who have been of extraordinary importance to the positive development of the IAF.

Harry van Dalfsen has been IAF President from 2010 to 2014 and under his leadership the IAF has attained an independent secretariat, financial stability, a much increased global presence and greater recognition as a representative of the global apparel industry.

Mike Fralix has been chairman of the technical committee since more than 10 years. As such, he has been an important source of inspiration for IAF members and relations on the latest and the future technological developments impacting upon the apparel industry. Both gentlemen, in 2006, have contributed in a great way to restructuring the IAF on which further growth was based.


IAF golden pin