IAF visibly present at upcoming Premiere Vision Fair

IAF will be visibly present at the upcoming major global Premiere Vision Fair in Paris on September 19th. IAF’s Matthijs Crietee will be co-moderator at the ‘Fashion Shifters’ seminar which will take place at the Premiere Vision fair, Tuesday September 19th, from 2 pm to 3:30 pm, hall 5, room 501.

This seminar will bring together a panel of professionals and executives that, each in their own way, are changing the face of fashion. IAF, as the global federation for the apparel industry promotes a smarter, stronger and more sustainable fashion supply chain. The ‘Fashion Shifters’ seminar shows how technology is connecting supply and demand across the supply chain, but also how the fashion industry can interact with the entertainment industry to create value for both.

We are proud to have commercial director of one of the largest media industries Endemol Shine, Jurian van der Meer, explain how a soap opera and fashion retail chain have succesfully merged fact and fiction into a succesful joint campaign. IAF takes inspirational examples to a global stage.