An environment friendly, comfortable, and innovative fabric from Yeşim

Yeşim Textile, which carries out all its production with the motto “People First”, creates comfort with its innovative fabric, while supporting sustainability with a low carbon footprint.

Yeşim Textile, which positions itself as a global brand in the textile sector, and produces for world-renowned brands thanks to its technology, qualified human capital, professional administration and activities for sustainability, added another innovation to its endeavors

Yeşim Textile, which continuously renews itself based on customer demands and closely monitors the trends in the sector, lastly produced an environment friendly fabric that does not require ironing and dries fast, that is comfortable with its thermal and hygroscopic features, and that does not keep unwanted odors thanks to its lasting antimicrobial characteristics.

This product, which is marketed under the Comfort Life product segment because of its features that gives comfort to the customers of Yeşim, has an optimum level of hygroscopic and thermal features. This fabric is also positioned as an environment friendly product because of its low carbon footprint. This soft and loose fabric can be used as an inner layer in winter and as a t-shirt or dress in the summer and provides its users a light, comfortable, cool and breathable material.

Yeşim, which carries out R&D activities related to nano technological fabric since the beginning of the year 2000, is one of the pioneers in Turkey that produces water repellant, non-creasing, breathable intelligent fabric that became an important trend in the textile sector recently. The company has also two other brands entitled Yeşim Organic and Yeşim Recycle.