GINETEX announces the nomination of its new National Member for Spain

GINETEX chooses Consejo Intertextil Español (CIE) to represent and ensure the promotion of the international 5-symbol trademark for Textile Care Labeling in Spain. “We are delighted and proud to count Consejo Intertextil Español (CIE) among our National Members today. Already particularly active within GINETEX in Spain since 1989, CIE will represent the interests of our international association and promote the textile care symbols to consumers as well as textile and clothing businesses that make up the Spanish market. The official nomination of CIE as the new European member of our organization further highlights the trend and importance of streamlining and standardizing the International standard ISO 3758:2012 – “Textiles – Care Labelling Code using Symbols”, says Mr. Thomas Rasch, President of GINETEX.
Consejo Intertextil Español (CIE), is the most important organization that coordinates, represents and promotes the interests of the Spanish textile and clothing industry, since 1979. Today, CIE operates in a market that counts over 4,000 companies with close to 48,000 employees and a turnover of 5,300 million euros.

Based in Barcelona, Consejo Intertextil Español counts 612 member companies encompassing the entire Spanish textile and clothing chain, among which major brands. Member of Euratex and the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), CIE holds close relationships with the textile industry bodies, both at national and international levels.
“Consejo Intertextil Español is very honored to have been designated by the GINETEX association to promote and support the use of symbols on the Spanish textile and clothing market. We will take all the necessary actions to meet the objectives set by GINETEX, in order to ensure the proper use of textile care symbols for all”, says Mr. Manuel Díaz de Marcos, President of Consejo Intertextil Español.

Ginetex, the International Association for Textile Care Labeling, was first founded in Paris in 1963 following several international Symposiums for Textile Care Labeling at the end of the 1950’s. GINETEX has devised an internationally applicable care labeling system for textiles based on symbols. The pictograms used are registered trademarks and are property of GINETEX. The care labeling system gives consumers and textile companies the correct information on the care treatment of textile products. The processes indicated by the symbols will avoid any irreversible damage to the product. GINETEX is composed of 23 national organization members. These organizations represent all textile care and labeling stakeholders.