TITAS 2016

Innovation and Performance create Value for Taiwan’s Textile Industry

Organized by the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) and under the auspices of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the 20th Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) will take place from October 17th to 19th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. Due to 20th anniversary celebration, the show scale and the number of visitors are both expected to approach the record-high. Estimated by Taiwan Textile Federation, three-day trade fair will have 400 exhibitors with more than 760 booths from all over the world, and attract over 34,000 visits.

Fervent participation from domestic and abroad

In addition to major players in Taiwan’s textile industry such as Formosa Plastics Group, Far Eastern New Century, Eclat, New Wide Group, Tex-Ray, Kingwhale and Everlight, textile institutes and organizations including Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Southern Taiwan Textile Research Alliance, MIT Underwear Innovation Alliance, and Taiwan Technical Textiles Association representing various sectors in textile chain will also join the annual professional event.

The top three foreign participating nations are Japan, South Korea and China. Exhibitors from the U.S.A, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, India, and Indonesia will also join this annual occasion in the textile industry.

Functional textiles are now eco-friendly and chic too!

Thanks to a fully integrated textile supply chain and strong innovation and r&d capabilities, Taiwan’s textile industry is able to position itself as a leading functional textiles supplier in the globe. Furthermore, fashion and design elements are incorporated into more and more products to fulfill consumers’ aesthetic needs, meaning more colors, more dimensional, more prints and motifs, and more treatment and finishing effects. TITAS 2016 will be the best stage to showcase all the new innovative developments from Taiwan, as always.

Smart textiles – the New Wave

Smart textiles and wearing technology is definitely the nouvelle vague now in the global textile map. Always staying ahead in spotting trends, Taiwan’s textile industry has been working hard in this field. Marking the second year for smart textiles at TITAS, more products with smart technologies will be presented in TITAS 2016.

Celebrations for the 20th Anniversary

With continuous supports from participants, visitors, brands and retailers from around the world, TITAS will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. The Show has come a long way to reach what it is today and we will be expecting more innovations in the future. TITAS will welcome you again on October 17-19, 2016!

Highlights at TITAS 2015


  • Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation presented the permanent flame retardant rayon fiber Formotex®; ultrafine fiber in 5-10 denier; and fiber grade PP pellets that were good for the application to fine denier multifilament, PP/PE composite staple fiber, and non-woven fabric.
  • Formosa Taffeta exhibited 4-7D Ultra Light fabric series boasting an average weight of under 25g/m2; the waterless eco-dyed fabric AQUAOFF; cooling fabric Permacool™; and quick thermal-insulation fabric Permawarm®.
  • Nan Ya Plastics Corporation showed a newly developed antistatic fiber DESTATIC; the UV-resistant fiber SUNCOOL; and the biomass eco-friendly fiber BIOPET.



FENC introduced Sunex®, an anti-static and thermal fiber; TopLumins®, a luminating fiber; and TopDry®, a uni-directional quick dry fiber that was a result of joint efforts with 3M. Through crossover collaborations, FENC has also developed smart apparel using conductive membrane to detect user’s physical condition.


Eclat, under the theme of “Innovation & Sustainability”, show-cased its premium quality functional knitted fabrics adopting a production process that met stringent international regulations to minimize the damage on the environment.


Tex-Ray introduced TCool® yarn that could block nearly 70% of near-infrared and UV lights and lowered temperature by 2~5˚C; THot® yarn that could increase temperature by 3~5˚C to provide warmth in winter; RAYs21TM, a fabric  that glowed in the dark; and a luminous print fabric LalunaTM.


New Wide Group displayed its R&D strength around 7 sports including running, yoga, basket-ball, baseball, biking, climbing and football. The most eye-catching product was the moisture-absorbing, double-faced, cellular polyester jacquard which has won The Best Market Application award 2015 in a Shanghai Textile Fair.


Hoyu focused on fabrics for outdoor gears such as tents and backpacks. Much attention was paid to details and eco-friendliness during production processes. Hoyu devoted as high as 5% of product cost to meet environmental purpose.


At TITAS 2015, Everlight featured Everjet® RT and AT ink series. These series not only made the digital print production process more eco-friendly, but also contained serval advantages, such as making images more vivid, and preventing errors, like nozzle blockage and white lines, during high speed printing. Evereco® PUR was another highlight in TITAS 2015. This high performance adhesives could be used on e-PTFE, PU and TPU membrane lamination, and made functional textiles featured excellent properties retention after multiple washings.


From knitting, texturizing and dying mills to state of the art garment factories, Kingwhale has moved aggressively to vertically integrate its supply chain to answer the needs of clients around the world. Kingwhale’s core offering centers around circular knitted functional textiles, including proven performers like sweater fleece and techno stretch. Beyond L.I.T., Kingwhale is advancing textiles in the areas of performance (moisture-wicking and temperature control) and comfort (cotton-touch and FIR).


Sunny Special manufactures knitted and woven fabrics made from mainly polyester and nylon fibers for outdoor and active wear as well as for industrial purposes. The company’s product profile ranges from basic textiles to wicking, PFC-free durable water repellent, UV protection, antibacterial, mosquito repellent, and breathable waterproof coated and laminated fabrics. While striving for offering innovative products, Sunny Special has devoted massive amount of resources into energy efficiency and carbon reduction for its production processes. For more than 30 years, the company has been committed to the highest level of consumer safety as well as continuous improvement of environmental performance in its production process.


Founded in 1991, Solis Fabric Technology Company is a vertically integrated manufacturer from yarn spinning, weaving, dyeing to lamination, bonding and coating, with a specialty in high-tech performance fabric. Solis’ product lines cover various fabrics for outerwear, sportswear and bags, as well as woven/knitted functional fabrics including breathable, anti-UV, wicking/quick dry and anti-bacterial. Solis’ products have obtained Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificates since 1999 and for the last couple of years have been approved by bluesign®.


Established in 1987, Grand Textile has successfully integrated its product development process to set up a vertical production line from weaving to dyeing and finishing, focusing on functional fabrics for outdoor, sports and leisure wear. Over past 28 years, Grand Textile has grown up to be a textile innovator under the operation philosophy “We don’t just make, we create.” Now with patents in U.S., Germany, Taiwan and China, the company keeps working hard to incorporate technology into fabrics in order to bring comfortable clothes with performance as well as a touch of fashion to consumers for their everyday life.