IAF host partner of WFSGI Manufacturers Forum “Beyond Lean Manufacturing” December 2-3, 2015, Hong Kong

IAF Secretary General Matthijs Crietee attended this excellent conference. He complimented WFSGI on giving through such a forum the subject of investments in manufacturing the attention it deserves. Lean manufacturing was defined by Carsten Zur Steege of  Bosch Automotive as the trick to shift from the principle of full production to producing what the customer wants without decreasing flexibility. It is tough, and it must be combined with fashion specific elements, but it can bring great rewards that counter the need to continuously move production in search of lower production costs. Another great source of value that is waiting to be uncovered in the supply chain is waste. University of Cambridge Professor Steve Evans explained through the Failed Value Exchange’ or FVE method how often value now lost in the production system as waste can be re used, or sold, reducing costs of production. Energy now predominantly put in reduction of labour costs should also be put in reducing costs of energy or materials. For the full report, please request this by sending an email to crietee@iafnet.com

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