Gerber Technology Sells 25,000 Plotters; Reliability is Second to None

After 35 years of designing and engineering, Gerber Technology recently reached the milestone of selling its 25,000th plotter, a GERBERplotter™ MP Series.  The MP Series plotters boast improvements from the CAD room to the cut room, with up to 4 inkjet heads that produce crisper and faster output and a feature-rich design that ensures ease of use and long-term reliability.

Since shipping its first pen plotter in 1979, and launching its first line of inkjet plotters (the Infinity Series) 20 years later, Gerber has a rich history in offering state-of-the-art plotting solutions. The GERBERplotter MP Series today meets even the most challenging workflow demands, with print speeds of up to 180 m2 per hour at 300 DPI resolution and operating noise under 40 dB. Its ability to print on paper as light as 20 g offers users a material savings of up to 50 percent, helping deliver maximum return on investment.

“Sales of our MP Plotters have truly exceeded our already high expectations,” said Lenny Marano, director of product marketing. “We have only been selling this series for eight months, and the high order and reorder rates are remarkable. Customers have been truly impressed with the complete value proposition the MP Series offers.”

Designed using a limited number of moving parts made of high quality materials, the GERBERplotter MP Series is extremely reliable. The precision crafted aluminum structure is designed to withstand even the toughest manufacturing environments, allowing customers comfort and assurance regardless of their workplace surroundings. To further ensure peace-of-mind, Gerber offers low-cost, easy-to-install preventive maintenance kits that keep production running smoothly.

“A company’s ROI is very important to Gerber, and the MP Series was designed with that in mind. From operational efficiencies to ease of use and lower consumable costs, this plotter can pay for itself very quickly. Users can count on its production for very long time,” said Marano.

The GERBERplotter MP Series is available with either two or four print heads. Four heads deliver optimal print speed. Users can also choose either a 1.8- or 2.2-meter-wide system.

The GERBERplotter MP Series is part of Gerber Technology’s integrated cutting room solutions, including the Paragon® cutting platform, XLs Series spreaders and AccuMark® pattern design software. Learn more about these systems at

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