Portugal has for the first time an anthropometric study with women and men measures.

This study was covered by the SIZING-SUDOE project, a co-financed project involving also Spain and the Southern of France.

The SIZING-SUDOE was developed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Identify specific needs of the clothing industry and fashion sector in the SUDOE region, regarding the 3D anthropometric measures;
  • Complete and update anthropometric studies lead by SUDOE regions to provide comparable information between regions;
  • Knowledge transfer to businesses and methodologies for the use and exploitation of 3D databases and to develop a trans-regional advisory service in the operation and application of these data;
  • Create a transnational network of services from institutions working together on the creation of knowledge and innovation.

In Portugal, this project was run by ATP (link to www.atp.pt) and CITEVE (www.citeve.pt), in Spain by IBV (link to https://www.ibv.org) – coordinator, COINTEGA (https://www.cointega.com) and FEDECON (link to https://www.fedecon.es), and in France by IMS / Université Bordeaux 1 (link to https://www.ims-bordeaux.fr).

The SIZING-SUDOE project was co-financed by SUDOE Program.

More information: https://sizing-sudoe.eu/index.php/en/


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