Turkey’s leading independent apparel retailer commits to growth with further investment in strategic fit

Turkey, March 23 – Alvanon, the world’s leading apparel expert, has announced a further major order for its AlvaForm technical fit mannequins from LC Waikiki,Turkey’s largest independent fashion brand.  The latest order for ladies’, men’s and children’s EU series AlvaForms,  makes LC Waikiki Turkey’s largest user of the world’s leading fit forms and consolidates its commitment to apparel sales growth through its product sizing and fit strategy.

LC Waikiki ordered its first AlvaForm in 2008 and since that time has ordered and installed some 100 women’s, men’s and children’s AlvaForms across its product development departments at its head office in Istanbul, registered offices in Bangladesh and China, and key garment manufacturing suppliers worldwide.

Simon Fernandes, regional director, UK , Southern Europe and West Asia, Alvanon explained: “LC Waikiki was one of the first major retail brands in Eurasia to commit to a clearly defined and consistent sizing and fit strategy.  By using AlvaForms across its product development disciplines, its design and technical professionals can share their size and fit standard with key suppliers thereby streamlining the product development process and helping them communicate accurate fit knowledge consistently between departments and countries.”

Gülperi Tandar, Technical Director, LCWaikiki Retail Company added:  “We are on track to realize our ambition of being one of the three most successful ready-made clothing retailers in Europe by 2023.  We have achieved this by giving our customers what they want – quality affordable fashion that fits.” She added: “We have to respond quickly to new trends and the AlvaForms enable us to quickly transform trends into garments that consistently fit our young adult and child consumer demographic.  AlvaForms help us implement fit excellence across the group and our customers know they can rely on our fit standard.”

About LC Waikiki

Founded in France in 1985, LC Waikiki was purchased by its current owner, LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Ticaret A.Ş., in 1997. Clothing Turkey with the philosophy of “everyone deserves to dress well” and a mission to promote “accessible fashion,” LC Waikiki sets an example to others with its retailing and merchandising approach and has been continuing its journey of growth for 18 years both at home and abroad. LC Waikiki began investing abroad in 2009 by opening its first European branch in Romania . LC Waikiki currently has 386 stores in 73 provinces in Turkey and 512 stores in 23 countries worldwide.

About Alvanon

Founded in 2001, the Alvanon Group of companies is the global leader in providing growth, profitability and supply chain solutions to the apparel industry.  In addition to its head office in  New York , European headquarters in  London , Asian office in Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities in Donguan and Shenzhen in  China , Alvanon has a worldwide team of dedicated apparel strategists and specialists. Alvanon has compiled  the world’s largest database of 400,000 body scans and provides customized fit and product development strategies and tools to the world’s leading fashion brands, retailers, lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, mail order and corporate clothing suppliers.


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