Retail Management Tour “New Era of Shopper Marketing”

Institute for export and fashion, Inexmoda, in alliance with EADA Business School Barcelona, present the second edition of the Retail Management Tour, a high level experiential training program that will increase company´s awareness in retail management, a term which is understood as the last contact with the customer (online, offline, B2B or B2C). The Retail Management Tour will take place on May 18th to the 22nd of 2015, in New York City.

The tour is aimed at business professionals and senior managers who are looking at expanding into retail, who are interested in exploring new distribution channel strategies (since in today´s world some brands reach customers through 27 different channels), and who would like to learn from successful business strategies that are implemented by major brands in the world allowing them to achieve greater market share and enduring success. Experience a global immersion experience in the renowned centre of retail.

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