Modint comes to agreement on Credit & Finance with Danish sports and shoes assocation

Last week, Dutch assocation member  Modint and the Danish sporting goods assocation have come to an agreement in working together on managing their international creditmanagement collectively.


You want to keep your customers satisfied. But they have to pay their bills on time. But what if they don’t? Doubtless you have had to resort to debt recovery. So why not go straight for the best solution?

Our internationally-oriented database goes back to 1950 and includes payment information on more than 100,000 purchasers in Europe. Based on the idea that the payment risks in our sector are high, so it is better to manage credit risks collectively, we have developed a preventive sector credit management concept that has proved successful for many years. This concept has been available in Europe since 2010, when we started working together with sector organisations in various countries, including Germany (German Fashion and Hauptverband Deutsche Schuh-Industrie), Austria (Verband für Textil, Bekleidung, Schuhe und Leder), Belgium (Creamoda) and Denmark (Dansk Mode & Textil). Moreover, in Germany (Düsseldorf) we have our own company ( working specifically on this concept with our own in-house lawyer.
Credit & Finance is market leader in the (sports) clothing, shoe, interior design and textile sector and therefore the right partner. With more than 75 years of experience, Credit & Finance offers a balanced, tried and tested credit management concept for all your customers.

Debt recovery:
Customer friendly, but certainly effective and inexpensive. Our amicable debt recovery service is a preventive, professional complement to your accounts receivable administration from due date onwards. 85% of receivables reported to Credit & Finance are paid within 30 days. Our special debt recovery approach guarantees you rapid payment. We treat your overdue accounts in a commercially responsible manner.

Debt recovery profile example and action (from notification date)

  • 0-5 days 1st reminder + inclusion in week list
  • 10 Days 1st call
  • 15 Days 2nd reminder 20 Days 2nd call
  • 25 Days 3rd reminder
  • 30 Days Judicial recovery

Recovery is effected by specialised MODINT credit managers. As client, you are allocated a credit manager who will look after all your recovery affairs. Personal contact with both you and your customer ensures an optimum connection with your customer and your receivable.

Blacklist of poor payers
Credit & Finance publishes a weekly blacklist of poor payers. Not only is this information shared with all credit management clients, but credit insurance and factoring companies are also informed. The impact of listing in amicable recovery prevents the increasingly high costs of judicial recovery.

Judicial recovery
Based on your breakdown of receivables and our specific expertise, our legal affairs department handles proceedings and we achieve maximum results. For you, that means clear, short communication lines and savings on lawyers’ fees.

Credit information reports
It is important to regularly monitor your customers’ financial situation. This information enables you to manage the risk and pursue a responsible distribution policy. Credit & Finance credit information reports include customer identification, payment experiences, registered overdue debts and listings and, naturally, an evaluation of credit behaviour.




is Credit & Finance’s secured web link, which gives you easy, user-friendly access to all Credit & Finance’s credit management services. Any time, any place.

Legal advice
Credit & Finance also offers legal advice on recovery issues, refused consignments, quality deviations and examination of general terms & conditions. Naturally, we can assist you in settling affairs in the event of bankruptcy.


If you would like to know more or want to benefit from our credit management services, then please contact us at:
telephone +49 2821 99 77 973

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