IAF President will speak at Global Textile Congress in Bangkok

IAF President Rahul Mehta will speak at the Global Textile Congress in Bangkok on February 14th. He will take a close and realistic look at the real story behind the many myths that always, at any time, exist about sourcing trends in the fashion industry. An exodus out of China, a big moving out of Bangladesh, a large scale resort to production closer to the market or even in developed country markets and a big shift of production to Africa. All of these can be implied from the buzz about sourcing and none of them are true.

Of course where there’s smoke, there’s a fire and the myths are often exaggerations of the truth. So Mr. Mehta is talking about these shifts and the true extent to which they are taking place. But he will also be discussing some other interesting trends that are often obscured by the talk about the sourcing myths. The rise of intra Asian trade for instance, is an important development, opening new vistas for Asian garment manufacturers facing stagnant markets in Europe.

Also, the IAF, being a unique platform representing both buyers and manufacturers, always emphasizes the value that can be created by investing in supply chain relations. Squeezing production costs can save much less than reducing the amount of garments produced that nobody buys. Of course the last is much more complex, as it requires longer term commitments from both buyer and manufacturers sides. But it should always be on the agenda of any sourcing speech and so it will be in this one.

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