Introducing Methods Workshop

IAF’s newest associate member is Methods Workshop from Florida, US. The IAF would like to present Methods Workshop to all IAF members, not only because that’s what we do for our associate members, but also because it offers a chance for all members to learn about the ways in which specialized suppliers to the apparel industry work to improve our industry. Methods Workshop offers very practical solutions to tackle the challenges of improving productivity and calculating realistic prices. These are valuable for both buyers and suppliers and probably work best when used in collaboration between both buyers and suppliers.

Methods Workshop LLC is the leading provider of engineering and costing software solutions for the global fashion and sewn products industries. Since 1982, Methods Workshop has provided more than 400 leading apparel, footwear, accessory, home furnishings and other sewn products companies with the systems and support they need to increase competitiveness and accelerate speed to market.

The company’s Quick TruCost™ (QTC) and Engineered TruCost™ (ETC) solutions enable fashion brands and manufacturers to identify and control costs throughout the product development and production processes. Built on the Microsoft .NET® Framework, SQL Server® Database and Visual C# (C-sharp) development tools, these advanced solutions deliver leading-edge capabilities and visually-rich user experience on a dependable and scalable computing platform.

Accelerate Speed to Market with QTC

QTC is the perfect solution for early-stage design, development and pre-production costing requirements. It can be used as a stand-alone system or as an integrated companion to Engineered TruCost. When provided with answers to eight or ten simple product questions, QTC provides an immediate prediction of total manufacturing costs with near-engineered costing accuracy. It uses information on common construction details to calculate total manufacturing time and cost. Full product costing can be accomplished in less than 10% of the time of standard data systems while maintaining high accuracy

Precisely Engineer Methods and Control Costs with ETC

ETC is the premier standard data costing solution designed specifically for the apparel and sewn products industries. By describing the methods used to produce their products, engineers and other manufacturing professionals can quickly and accurately determine the time standards, costs and incentives for individual operations and tasks as well as complete products. Armed with this highly accurate information, production and sourcing professionals can quickly and accurately predict product costs prior to production, define operational best practices, plan for production and supply chain execution, and benchmark manufacturing costs against global standards. With ETC, detailed cost analyses are accomplished in minutes rather than days.

Methods Workshop markets and supports its time and cost-saving business solutions from its world headquarters in South Florida (USA). Select international clients include Brooks Brothers (Retail Brand Alliance), Carhartt, Cupid Intimates, Dickies, Elite Sportswear, Gildan, Integrated Textile Solutions, Leonisa, NIB, Ovejita, Topy Top, UNICOR and Weissman’s.


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