The ‘Cool Zone’: What’s ‘Cool’ in the Apparel Industry?

By Kilara Le, TC2

The long-time industry favorite Cool Zone returned to Atlanta with a 2600 square foot pavilion at Texprocess Americas 2014. Created and developed by [TC]2, the Cool Zone showcased the latest in leading-edge technologies, products and processes in the sewn products industry. Only industry-transforming technologies that evoke the response “That’s Cool!” are invited to participate in this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

The Cool Zone included a wide range of new and emerging technologies that are expected to have a positive impact on the sewn products industry. A special robotics section of the pavilion showcased several leading-edge solutions designed specifically for the sewn products industry. Other CAD, product development and production solutions were also featured in the pavilion.

Exhibit Highlights

Individual Cool Zone exhibits included an automated stitching unit with robotic vision guidance hosted by Henderson Sewing Machine Co. Also in the robotics section, SoftWear Automation, Inc. displayed emerging solutions for automated garment production. Baxter, a very personable and easily programmable robot, demonstrated a variety of repetitive production tasks. [TC]2 demonstrated its TC2-18 3D body scanner partnered with the iStyling System that leverages body scanning, virtual dressing, and facial recognition technologies to provide consumers with personalized styling, color and fit recommendations.


Gerber Technology showed how mobile and cloud-based technologies can be used to exchange, share and synchronize product data and images to simplify fashion and sewn products processes. STYKU featured MeasureMe, an ultra-portable body scanning technology. AM4U demonstrated how its technologiescan dye, digitally print, and label both sides of the fabric in a single pass to support demand manufacturing for a safer planet. The Veit Group demonstrated its award winning shirt finishing system that automatically and quickly controls and removes moisture from finished products.

[TC]² continues to see significant industry shifts to more digital supply chains. As sewn products companies rethink their operations and supply chains, there is resurgence in the use of robotics across the apparel, textile, automotive, and other segments of the industry. The thought leaders at [TC]2 believe that more and improved forms of automation will be used by the industry as they continue to work to shrink cycle times in all aspects of the business.

“The Cool Zone at Texprocess Americas became even more “Cool” when so many people came by to visit us.  Plus, they would see Baxter the robot and say that was neat!  Or, they would hear about waterless coloring of fabric and say “Wow!”  Or, they would learn about how the Viet press could control the moisture content in a shirt and press it at the same time and comment how incredible that was.  Or, they would watch Softwear Automation’s robotic sewing system count the yarns in the fabric and control a stitch pattern and say that was amazing.  Or, they would learn more about the status of 3D Body Scanning, virtual dressing, and online shopping and say how impressive that was.  Or, they would just say “That’s Cool!”  And, I would say that Neat, Wow, Incredible, Amazing, and Impressive are all synonyms of Cool,” said Dr. Mike Fralix, President and CEO, [TC]2

A few images from the Cool Zone are included below.

The next Cool Zone will be at Texprocess Americas on May 3-5, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

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