Inspiring and varied speaker line up at the IAF Convention in Medellín, Colombia

The 30th World Fashion Convention to be held in Medellín, Colombia offers a varied and interesting line-up of speakers.

Mr. Mazza of McKinsey will talk about growing business in 2nd tier Latin American cities. Tom Julian of the renowned US Doneger Group will show how the best performing brands are successful in targeting the most coveted customer group, the millennials. Desigual, VF and Disney will tell us themselves what steps they took to become and to remain globally successful, including their use of omni channel strategies. Fernando Pimentel, the executive director of Brazilian apparel association Abit, will discuss the opportunities for increased Latin American trade. David Birnbaum will shed his often controversial, but always inspiring light on sourcing trends. And surely, NJAL’s Stefan Siegel’s presentation will be inspiring, showing that with the right online platform, now world class designers from anywhere on the globe can actually sell to a global consumer base.

Medellín is a great backdrop for the optimistic and entrepreneurial attitude the Convention will have. This city has grown from a troubled city into a highly innovative city, praised in a recent Economist article. The fashion industry faces grandiose challenges, but it is full of great examples of companies finding new ways to continue to entice customers, add new value, expand markets and improve its hugely complex supply chain.

The convention is held from September 29th till Oct. 1st  in the Dann Carlton hotel, Medellín. The full program, more speakers and registration buttons can be found at

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