FashionUnited shows ‘growth and innovation’ with new logo

FashionUnited, the international industry network for fashion professionals, is proudly presenting it’s new logo. Symbolising the company’s growth and ability to adapt to a continuous evolving industry, the logo is part of a new corporate identity that FashionUnited will present later this year.

Black and white, simple and clean, the new logo stands for efficiency in fashion, with a bold focus on ‘united’ that amplifies FashionUnited’s consistent role in unifying the industry across cultures and borders. FashionUnited is focused on developing innovative products and solutions as well as making the lives of fashion professionals more fun and efficient. Having used the old logo font for 15 years, this logo symbolises a new era for FashionUnited and communicates growth and innovation.

“We look ahead. Always. The new brand logo is the first step in the process of presenting a complete new corporate identity. FashionUnited is known as a trustworthy and innovative name in the ever changing fast paced industry which the fashion world is. FashionUnited needed a logo which represents the value we have for the industry. Now we have one.” Lennard Minderhoud, Chief Executive Officer.

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