Taipei IN Style 2014

April 17-20 in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Taipei IN Style (TIS), started in 2006, is considered the most versatile and thrilling fashion trade fair in Taiwan. It is going to reveal its 9th edition this month in April 17-20, 2014 in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. A considerable number of designers and buyers from approximately 20 different countries will come across and create the fashion sensation and collaboration during these days. Taipei IN Style is sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, organized by the Taiwan Textile Federation and co-organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government.
What’s been the most exciting and compelling event within the TIS certainly is the designer and brand’s house show. This year the shows include KERAIA’s La Vie En KERAIA, Athena Chuang’s Athena Chuang SS 2014 RTW, and DOUCHANGLEE 2014 Flower Mirage by DOUCHANGLEE, and they are all home-based famous brands.

Not only to that, Award-Winning Fashion Designers in Asia presents the spectacular collections of 3 top country designers from Hong Kong, Macau, and China, and the Asia Fashion
Collection-Taipei Stage assembles the new-rising young designers from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to pull off a strong fashion statement show, which has already been showcased in the New York fashion week and Tokyo fashion weeks earlier this year. Taipei IN Style is a trade platform that’s been serving for the Taiwanese fashion
industry for 9 years. It is praised for building the bridge between Taiwan with other countries and promoting many home designers to the international stage. The coming April TIS is a 4-day event which will begin the first two days on a B2B basis and the last two days on a B2C basis, hoping the event can cater to the needs of different niches. Once again, we cordially invite exhibitors, press, and buyers to join with us.

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