TC2 attended 2014 Intermoda show

In its 60th edition and with 30 years of fashion show experience, INTERMODA (IM) once again opened its doors this past January to host Mexico’s premier textile and apparel event. Guadalajara brings together the best of the national and international fashion industry at Expo Guadalajara. With over 431,000 square feet and 950 exhibitors, the INTERMODA January 2014 fashion and design show held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico was the site for the introduction of [TC]²’s new iStyling system to Latin America. With approximately 20,000 people attending the show, iStyling was met with greatenthusiasm. The [TC]² booth was located on the second floor of the show in an area called “TRENDING”.

Trending IM is the new section of Intermoda that is geared toward the future…whether it be trends in fashion, raw materials, colors, accessories or technology. IStyling is a new product for [TC]² which keeps in sync with the improvements for the Apparel Industry and is “WHERE FASHION MEETS TECHNOLOGY”. For many years [TC]² has been providing 3D bodyscanning technology to the apparel industry and others all over the world including the medical industry. The majority of those customers have taken the technology and created their own application to meet the goals of their prospective companies. In early 2013, one of those customers, DNA Interactif Fashion, a Belgium based software company, joined forces with [TC]² to create a full retail solution called iStyling. Using the iStyling platform, a customer can walk into a retail shop and in minutes make purchases without ever trying them on. The shopper does not need to go into a dressing room unless they want to. Garments can be selected and tried on the shopper’s avatar for a 360o view. The most important thing is that it fits right the first time because body scan measurements are used for size selection. During the show booth visitors made comments such as “this is going to change the way people shop forever.”

IStyling also provides personal styling advice. Shoppers frequently buy something they thought looked good on until they get it home and then decide “it just doesn’t look right,” It could be the style, the color, the length, etc. Whatever it is, it just doesn’t look right so the item is returned. With iStyling, shoppers receive advice about color, styling attributes, hair design; it even provides suggestions on the shape of fingernails. The best part is that the garment fits well.

In the retail store with an iStyling system, the consumer can get body scanned and then begin a shopping experience that is completely new and exciting. The resulting personal avatar can be downloaded to a smartphone, iPad or a computer. Shopping at the store is not necessary; the consumer can go online and using their avatar, shop from home virtually trying on garments. Forty-seven percent of garments bought online in the US are returned because consumers do not like the fit. Many consumers order multiple garments in different sizes, try them on, pick out the best fit and return the rest.

The following is a summary of the presentations made by Arturo Rodriguez during Intermoda.

As part of the Panel series that Arturo Rodriguez has been leading for the past 5 years, his group of apparel and textiles experts picked for the 10th edition, “Guadalajara, the Fashion City”. In line with itsvocation as Mexico’s leading fashion oriented city, this topic was chosen because there are a number of initiatives that are catapulting the Fashion Sector (apparel/textile/leather & footwear/jewelry) in the state of Jalisco.

This 10th Panel took place on January 16th and the five panel members were:

Rosario Mendoza (CANAIVE Jalisco president)

Jorge Castellanos (Intermoda Show president)

Miguel Cotero (Jewelry Chamber Jalisco president)

Francisco Jimenez (Footwear Chamber Jalisco director)

Juan Rafael Mejorada (Competitiveness and Productivity General coordinator of the Economic Secretariat of Jalisco)

Arturo Rodriguez of [TC]² acted as the panel moderator.

Amongst the questions that the Panel discussed in front of an audience of 250 were:

1) What is the importance of the Fashion sector in Jalisco? This sector generates over 150,000 jobs in just the state of Jalisco.

2) What is the intent of the recently created Fashion Council? It is the formal union of the Apparel/Textile/Footwear/Jewelry chambers of Jalisco into one entity to promote the Fashion sector as a whole.

3) What is the initiative called “MIND”? A new center that will be ready by end of 2014 and will house the four Fashion chambers with a common innovation area.

The 61st edition of INTERMODA ( will take place July 15 – 18, 2014.

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