Taipei IN Style 2014

Taipei IN Style 2014

Splendid House Shows

Taipei IN Style (TIS) has recently concluded on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, and the event was growing in scale year after year with the support of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs. It was estimated that this year TIS brought in more than US$8 million worth of business for Taiwan and lied down a solid foundation for the domestic fashion industry. In 2013, Taipei IN Style pulled off a series of runway shows for designers and companies to show off their fashion statements and solidify the brand images. Some of the amazing shows were the following.

FN.ICE’s “Modern Heritage”, starting with the ideas of “mix-and-match” and the “green concepts,” combined innovative technology and traditional design to stress the functionality of the clothes and the spirit of travel. “NEW GEN- Spring/Summer 2014 Collection” consolidated the lines of four young and up-and-coming designers: Chun Ting Liu, Eve Lin, Cecilia Tuan, and Crystal Wang. Each one of them was Taiwanese-born but raised and educated in different countries. The most important things they had in common were that they all had their own unique taste and perspective about fashion, and their lines were favored by different groups of audience and constantly recognized by international buyers and media. Robyn Hong’s “Robyn Jetset India” used wild colors and costume designs to imitate the Indian and jungle styles, giving the hint of exoticism and happiness for women.

Based on the outcome that many well-established and new emerging brands and designers choose TIS’ stage to launch their fashion shows and give recognition to it, the TIS 2014 will increase the number of house shows to 15 different schedules from 11 in 2013, creating more showcasing opportunities for the designers and the companies and more splendid shows for the audience. Other than that, booth exhibition and other fashion activities are available to the participants too. We cordially invite you to join and experience the new TIS 2014 with us.

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