Successful hosting 2013 Annual Meeting of International Fur industry

11-13 Nov.2013, Beijing. China

From November 10th to 13th 2013, 2013 China International Annual Fur Conference was held by China Fur Association.CFNA together with Kopenhagen Fur and Department of Commerce of Hebei province.

This is the first time for the conference to have worked closely with Kopenhagen Fur as the most renowned international fur auction house and integrated global resources for this event. With the theme of “industry and market review”, the event was organized as an international communication platform where various activities like speeches, summits,brand shows and field visits were arranged, making it a grand meeting for market analysis and workshop in the fur industry.

Build an International Communication Platform for the Fur Industry

Fur industry is a global industry with a long history. In recent years, with the emergence of China’s economy, the Chinese fur industry has been playing an increasingly important role in the world. There are around 75% of total productions of fur coats that are done in China and therefore this emerging market has got the world’s attention.

As the Chinese fur sector has been developing rapidly, it’s very urgent to build an international communication platform for the industry. That’s the reason why we jointly worked with Kopenhagen Fur to set up this international fur conference. Kopenhagen Fur is the biggest fur auction house in the world as well as the hub of international fur trade that accounts for 60% of the world’s total fur auction sales.

Grasp Development Tendency of International Fur Industry

Many renowned business insiders from home and abroad as well as experts and scholars were invited to present their speeches and have dialogues during the conference. They all shared their insights about the Chinese fur industry and provided ideas for the healthy development of the industry. Kopenhagen Fur’s CEO Torben Nielsen and Marketing and Business Development Director Kenneth Loberg, IFTF’s CEO Mark Oaten and Greece Fur Association’s Chairman, the National Economic Center’s  Deputy Director  Pan Jiancheng, Northeast Agricultural University’s professor Sun Guangcai all made excellent speeches during the conference. The speeches ranged from current economic situation of China to development forecast on international fur business and the audience was inspired by the rich content.

Release of China Fur Fashion Show

The conference also brought the attendants a splendid fashion show in which different new styles were presented in a fresh and new way. The show was strongly supported with Massimo Tabak with , Mingmen, Jingli Aosi, Huangjia Qianzilan, Robert Gemei, Xueer, Nuoyimei, Nanjin Lukou East Fur Plaza and Greece Fur Association.The exclusive show was featured with unique round-shaped catwalk, updated sound photoelectric technology and Kopenhagen Fur’s mysterious advertising video, which left a deep impression on the audience and reached the climax of the conference.

Dialogue on Global Fur Trade and Price Tendency

Another highlight of the conference was the summit on global fur trade and price tendency. Senior executives from four auction houses, famous Italian designers, Deputy Chairman of Greek Fur Association and business elites from mainland China and HK all contributed their knowledge to the dialogue. They exchanged ideas about existing problems in the Chinese market as well as international market, which inspired the audience to think more reasonably on the market.

Visit Fur Industry in Xinji City of Hebei Province

When the conference was over, some of the attendants visited the local fur industry in Xinji city. There were 60 people and they were divided into 4 groups to visit different companies. Each group consisted of  representatives of foreign companies and designers to have face-to-face talks with the host companies. Besides, the event organized by Department of Commerce of Hebei province focused on the following areas: design development of fur garments and accessories;  current situation and future tendency of global fur industry and measures to deal with the situation;  how to make better performance of the fur associations in the current situation; how the fur companies should deal with the current situation. After the meeting, the companies and guests all expressed that this type of linking activity can lead to more direct interaction and they hope there will be more such high-level events between the delegation and fur companies in Hebei province.

When the annual growth rate of 14% of the Chinese fur industry has attracted more and more international investors, the problems of over expanding, customs duties,  irregularities of the industry also make people worry. Through gathering positive energy in the fur industry and rich market information, the conference is bound to make the participants think more reasonably about the industry. Only when the Chinese fur industry has healthy and sustainable development, will it advance farther and farther.

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