Rahul Mehta attended International Down Fair and International Fur Conference in China

IAF’s new Vice President, Rahul Mehta, visited the International Down Fair and the International Fur Conference, both held in China. Mr. Mehta was a key note speaker at the Down Fair. He highlighted the healthy growth of the worldwide market for down feathers and stressed the importance of investing in an industry on the economic upswing. The CFNA is well placed to take collective action to help ensure a lasting prosperity for the down sector, including action in the field of GR (global responsiblity). In many markets, it is crucial for an industry’s succes to be seen by consumers as a modern industry, investing in innovation and in global responsibility. Consumers demand greater transparency and this clearly affects the suppliers of raw materials to the apparel industry as well.

The IAF will work with both the CFNA and with the IFTF (International Fur Trade Federation) to support the flow of information and contacts between the apparel industry and these two important representatives of major upstream industries. If you have any questions about down and fur products, please let us know!

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